Is Saturday the ideal day to get married?

Is Saturday the Ideal Day to Get Married

Typically, people get married on a Saturday.  It seems this is an age-old tradition, maybe as old as time.  Why?  Most people have Saturday off from work.  People can travel on Friday, attend a Saturday wedding, and relax on Sunday.  With a destination wedding, every day is Saturday!!! Can you get married any other day?  Short answer is YES!  Here are some benefits of marrying on a day of the week other than Saturday.

Availability:  Brides request Saturday 9x out of 10.  Therefore, any other day will have more availability as those Saturday’s typically book first. 

Cost:  Many times, it is less expensive to marry outside of the “Saturday” slot.  Resorts can offer incentives to book more weddings through the week.

Crowds:  Destination weddings are normally public events, especially if held on the beach.  To avoid larger beach crowds, plan your wedding through the week, say on a Tuesday. 

Attention to Detail:  Attention to detail is left to the resort wedding teams.  Teams can have multiple weddings a day, especially on Saturdays.  The likelihood of having multiple weddings throughout the week is far less. Therefore, the team’s attention to detail for your big day goes up! 

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