Navigating the Seas of Change: Will Cruising Cost You More in 2024?


We love cruising and this year has proven to be a record-breaking year for the cruise industry. Everyone’s desire to sail has led to high demand and sold-out cruises for many. This year is on track for the same momentum.

Here is what you should consider if you want to sail the open waters this year. 

Plan NOW

Planning now is crucial. The cruise lines use dynamic pricing, and this means the cost will continue to increase as the cruise fills up. Some cruise lines are already at 80% full for the year for all sailings. The sooner you plan, the better it will be for pricing and availability.

Know Your Travel Dates

You should determine which month you can sail. Keep in mind that most deposits may be non-refundable, so making changes will cost you more. Travelling with family means you need to confirm everyone’s schedule before booking your cruise.

Which Itinerary?

You have the option of several itineraries to choose from. We recommend you decide by starting with how many nights you want to sail because this also determines the destination. Is there a port you want to visit or skip? Which port is the cruise departing from and will it be easy for you to get there?

Which Cruise Line?

There are multiple options. I recommend you look at the age of the ship, the port of calls, the activities and restaurants, and the cruise lines private island. Is one more family friendly than the other or do you prefer adult only? You should consider what matters most to you! Not all ships are created equal, and we can help you decide on the best one.

Which Cabin?

Is pricing a factor? Look at the cost of each category because of dynamic pricing, a Balcony cabin may be cheaper than an inside Oceanview. If you are a solo traveler, you may pay more, so if you have a friend that can sail with you, we recommend it.  Families may opt for two cabins instead of one for more space. Having two bathrooms is better than one with kids!

Your Budget

If you know your budget, this will help because of dynamic pricing and availability. You should also consider the final payment due date. The closer to the sailing may require paid in full versus a deposit. Will you fly to the port for your sailing? You should arrive a day before the cruise, so factor the cost of an overnight hotel stay too.

Embarking on a sailing adventure in 2024 is more than just a vacation – it’s a voyage of discovery, relaxation, and joy. At Fairytales and Sunsets Travel, we’re passionate about turning your sailing dreams into a reality. Let us be your compass as you navigate the seas of possibilities. Contact us today, and together, we’ll craft a sailing experience that exceeds your expectations. Bon voyage!

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