Ally King

Hi There, my Name is Ally King and I am located in Florence, Al, but am originally from Columbia, TN. I began my love for travel when I was young, and it has grown into such a huge part of my life. I truly do live my life counting down until my next trip. I love to immerse myself into  new cultures and cuisines. When I travel, I love to go where the locals go. I think that traveling will change your perspectives on the way you look at your life and adds so much joy.

I have traveled much of the United States and Canada. I love the Caribbean and have been to Honduras, Jamaica, Belize, Mexico, and Cayman Islands. However, my heart is in Europe. In 2019, I decided to pack a backpack and fly off to Europe for 6 months. I immerged myself in the cultures of the 20 countries I was able to visit and made lifelong relationships with those I met along the way. This experience provided me with so much knowledge about traveling as well as myself.

I cannot wait to share my love of travel with you and your loved ones as you choose to explore this world. I would love to design the perfect trip for what you are looking for based on your favorite activities, food, and bucket list items.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” Oliver Wendel Holmes

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