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Ready to Sail Alaska?

Alaska is one of our most requested cruise destinations and with good reason; it has it all. Nature, history, breathtaking scenery, and you can explore by train and aboard a cruise ship!

If you have been dreaming about going to Alaska, now is the time to make those dreams come true! You can sail onboard one of Alaska’s most popular cruise lines and we know which one will fit your travel style! You won’t regret it. We want to tell you of the six most significant reasons you should cruise to The Last Frontier sooner rather than later.

1. You decide which cruise line to take. Sailing in Alaska extends from the middle of May to mid-September. During these months, you won’t likely see a shortage of cruise line options. Choose to go on a luxury or expedition-style cruise or maybe something a little more unique.

2. Alaska is desirable to people of all ages and tends to be high up on many bucket lists. Many families come here each year to enjoy the beauty of the great state and the broad scope of activities and events.

3. The wildlife is absolutely out of this world. When traveling to Alaska by cruise ship, don’t be surprised to spot bear hunting for fish, whales, eagles, and several other beautiful creatures.

4. Dare to go dog sledding? You may have to take a helicopter ride to get into the mountains first. This could be one thrilling adventure. Best of all, you get to hang with sweet huskies all day.

5. Go on a land tour before or after your cruise. Hike through the Denali National Park or the Kenai River Valley.

6. Don’t wait, right now, you can see the nation in all of its iconic glory. From lush forests to enormous glaciers, there is so much to admire and capture those Alaskan travel memories!

Alaska truly is one of the most magical places on Earth, and it’s right here in the United States. If you, like almost everyone else, have “visit Alaska” on your bucket list, what are you waiting for? There’s no better way to visit the state than by ship, so contact us now to start learning of all the cruise line options. Before you know it, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind vacation planned that will undoubtedly bring you memories that last a lifetime. 

Skagway Alaska
Denali National Park and Preserve

When is the best time to go on an Alaskan cruise?

Let’s take into consideration the weather, wildlife, costs, and crowds.  There is never a bad time to cruise to Alaska, but these can make your decision easier for the best time to select your travel dates.  Alaskan cruises are scheduled from May through September.


  • May is cooler but sunny and beautiful and less rainy than the summer months. We went the end of May and it was wonderful.
  • June and July are warmer.
  • August and September are cooler and wet.
  • For the longest days and most sunlight visit 2-3 weeks before or after the Summer Solstice which is June 21st


  • Late May early June but can be unpredictable.
  • Prime bear season is late June early July.
  • Want to avoid the mosquitos? They have not hatched yet by end of May and they die off by September.


  • June and July are when schools are out and peak for family travel.
  • May and September are the best pricing and less crowded.

Another sight most people have on their bucket list is the aurora borealis. The best time to see this phenomenon is during the cooler months September through March.  The cruise season ends after September. You will have to take a land vacation to Alaska to see the aurora borealis and I can assist you with that too!

I am excited about your dreams of visiting Alaska and would love to help you plan that awesome trip. Let’s plan your wonderful memories with your family and friends today! We have many fond memories of our Alaskan cruise roundtrip from Seattle.

Till next time!  Y’all have a safe and happy time on all your travels,


Alaskan Cruise


We had the best time with our group of friends on our Alaska cruise in May of 2017!  We went to Seattle for three days before our cruise and saw highlights of the city.  It was so interesting to learn about the underground city that was there before and its history. The Pikes Place Market was really great. We viewed the city from atop the Space Needle, which was outstanding!  We rode on the Seattle Great Wheel and it was wonderful. 

After our Seattle visit, we boarded our ship, the Carnival Legend and embarked on our roundtrip cruise to Alaska.  We all had balcony cabins so we could see the beautiful scenery.  It was odd seeing daylight at 10pm, but the drapes blocked out the sun so we could sleep.  We went to Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, Victoria, BC.  We saw so many things of splendor and it was unbelievably amazing!  We went whale watching in Juneau and ate at Tracy’s King Crab Shack. The food was amazing and so was the whale watching. We rode on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway while in the port city of Skagway. This is a must do and I highly recommend it! Ketchikan quickly became my favorite port city because the little town had an old timey feel and everyone was super sweet.

The glaciers were breathtaking and I will always remember their beauty! We took a helicopter ride which I definitely recommend and flew over such gorgeous mountain ranges and then landed on the Chillkat Glacier.  Our pilot, Luke, was amazing and I will remember him because my son’s name is Luke also. We walked on the glacier and got a drink of glacier water out of a tiny stream, which was superb!  Tip:  take a small collapsible cup that you can put in your pocket, so you don’t have to take off your gloves and cup your hands to get the drink of water.  We saw the most beautiful blue colored ice in the crevices of the glacier and was blown away! 

I also want to tell you a somewhat funny story.  When I cruise, I like to have a spa day and have my hair washed, dried and straightened.  This is one of my splurges. Well, our itinerary said we were going to be in Glacier Bay that day, so I thought I had plenty of time.  I am sharing this with you so you do not make the same mistake I did on my first Alaskan cruise. This is why I travel and explore so I can share my insider tips with my clients. I viewed the glacier, took pictures and videos, and heard the awesome sound it made while calving. I left the amazing view and went to my hair appointment.  After leaving the salon with such pretty, straight hair, I discovered there were no glaciers to see!  What?  Where are all the other glaciers?  Unbeknownst to me Glacier Bay is not all day just about 4 hours.  Here is my tip for you, do not plan anything when you are scheduled to be at  be in Glacier Bay. It is an awe inspiring site to behold, and you will want to take in every moment!

Till next time, Y’all have a safe and happy time on all your travels!