Is Saturday the ideal day to get married?

Typically, people get married on a Saturday.  It seems this is an age-old tradition, maybe as old as time.  Why?  Most people have Saturday off from work.  People can travel on Friday, attend a Saturday wedding, and relax on Sunday.  With a destination wedding, every day is Saturday!!! Can you get married any other day?  Short answer is YES!  Here are some benefits of marrying on a day of the week other than Saturday.

Availability:  Brides request Saturday 9x out of 10.  Therefore, any other day will have more availability as those Saturday’s typically book first. 

Cost:  Many times, it is less expensive to marry outside of the “Saturday” slot.  Resorts can offer incentives to book more weddings through the week.

Crowds:  Destination weddings are normally public events, especially if held on the beach.  To avoid larger beach crowds, plan your wedding through the week, say on a Tuesday. 

Attention to Detail:  Attention to detail is left to the resort wedding teams.  Teams can have multiple weddings a day, especially on Saturdays.  The likelihood of having multiple weddings throughout the week is far less. Therefore, the team’s attention to detail for your big day goes up! 

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Top 5 2023 Destination Wedding Locations

You’ve come to the right site!  I am giving my top destination wedding location picks for 2023.  I am a destination wedding planner and specialize in destination weddings and honeymoons.  Here are my top picks and why:

  • Jamaica
    • Jamaica tops my list for top destination wedding locations.  Brides love to say, “I do” in Jamaica.  It is famous for its 7 Mile Beach, local flavor, gorgeous turquoise waters, and breathtaking sunsets.
  • Dominican Republic
    • The Dominican is my second pick for beach quality and entertainment.  Pure, white sand beaches are ideal for all brides dream beach wedding.  Visitors of the Dominican love the nightlife entertainment and excursions such as horseback riding on the sand that the Dominican has to offer.
  • Mexico
    • Mexico, where there is always a party!  Mexico lands on my list of top destination weddings because it is affordable for guests to attend.  Mexican food is always a plus.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a taco!
  • Hawaii
    • Maui to be specific!!  Maui is your vision of a dream wedding!  Maui is decorated with lush landscape overlooking the blue ocean waters.  Waterfalls in Maui create the perfect backdrop for wedding photos.  No passport required is a huge plus for many brides and families!  Although, not an all-inclusive, Maui, in all its beauty, makes my top 5 list.
  • Turks & Caicos
    • Turks & Caicos rounds out my top 5 destination wedding location picks.  Turks is surrounded by a natural reef and is perfect for any beach wedding.  A sunset ceremony here will be enjoyed through photographs for years to come!  The weather here is typically in the 80’s.  Your spa done hair will still be stunning!!

There you have my top 5 destination wedding locations!  Follow my page for more destination wedding topics!   

Disney Vacations

As a Disney travel expert, I want to help you plan the most Magical experience for your family.  Walt Disney World is among the most sought out destination among families of all time.  There isn’t a time of year that is off limits to the Magic that Disney can offer.  The busiest times of year are during the holiday periods, school breaks, summer breaks, and weekends year-round.  The least crowded times are during the winter months.  These are the best pricing months as well!

Did you know that Disney vacations are more than just Walt Disney World and Disney Land Theme Parks?  Disney offers so much more!

  • Disney Cruise Line
    • Caribbean
    • Mediterranean
    • Northern Europe
    • Alaska
    • London
    • New York
    • Southern California
    • Barcelona
    • Copenhagen
    • Rome
  • Adventures by Disney    
    • Asia, Africa & Australia
    • Central & South America
    • Europe
    • North America
    • River Cruises
  • Resorts
    • Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa – Hawaii
    • Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort – South Carolina
    • Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Florida

There is one thing that is for sure, you won’t have a Disney vacation without it being Magical!  If you are ready to book your next Disney adventure, call me.  I am ready to help you create memories that will stay with your family for a lifetime!